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Travel by train to London can often be costly. You can however reduce the cost of your train ticket to London quite considerably by following these simple travel tips:-

  • Book Your London Train Tickets In Advance

    You are able to book train tickets to London by as much as twelve weeks in advance. All train operators on the National Rail network have a limited quantity of cheaper advance tickets available but to secure one of these cheap London train tickets you do need to book as far in advance as possible.

  • Travel To London During Off-Peak Times

    The cheapest train tickets to London are between the early morning and late afternoon peak travel periods. If you are able to travel just a few minutes before or after the peak rush hour period you could more than halve the cost of your train tickets to London.

  • Split Your London Train Tickets

    Split ticketing is something many seasoned passengers on London trains already practice and is where instead of having one train ticket to take you to London the journey is broken down into two or more parts with a separate rail ticket for each sector where the train stops.

    For example, if you wanted to travel from Station A to Station D, you would expect to buy a ticket direct from A to D. However, you may find it a lot cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B, and another from B to C and still another from C to D for a cheaper combined train ticket price. This is especially true when not all sectors of your journey are during peak time.

    Split Ticketing is legal and permitted by the National Rail Conditions of Carriage but can be confusing. To take advantage of the huge savings you could enjoy from splitting your London train tickets click here to visit our dedicated split train ticket page.

  • Invest in a Network Rail Card

    If you you are student, of pension age, disabled, in the military, on certain Job Center programs or travel as a family reduce the cost of your London rail journey by 30% for a year or more by investing in a Network Rail Card. For more information on the various Rail Cards click here.
Types of London Tickets

There are three primary groups of train tickets from and to London whose prices often vary quite considerably. Huge savings are able to be enjoyed simply by choosing the type of ticket most suited for your train journey to London.

The three main type of London train tickets and their essential characteristics are:-

Advance Train Tickets To London

  • Not flexible: for travel on a specified London train on a specified date
  • Savings of up to 80% (sometimes more) compared with buying a ticket on the day of travel
  • Limited availability of the really cheap tickets but may be booked up to 12 week in advance
  • Are available on all long-distance routes, but not available for most short journeys
  • Must be booked in advance and not later than the day before travel
  • Are not refundable, but can be amended for a fee

    Click Here for more information on To London Advance Train Tickets

Off-Peak Train Tickets To London

  • With Off-Peak train tickets you can travel on any train outside the “peak” hours
  • With Super Off-Peak tickets you may be restricted to traveling later, or not in the evening peak
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Return tickets enable you to travel back on any date within a calendar month
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Day Return and Single tickets are valid for one day only
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train tickets can be booked up to 15 minutes before the departure of your train
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak train tickets are refundable

    Click Here for more detailed information on Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Train Tickets

Anytime Train Tickets To London

  • Offer complete flexibility: travel on any London train on the date(s) your ticket is valid
  • Anytime Single tickets allow you to to travel on the date shown on the ticket or on the next day
  • Anytime Return tickets allow you to travel on the date shown on the ticket or within four days
  • Anytime tickets are available on all routes
  • Anytime train tickets can be booked up to 15 minutes before the departure of your train
  • Anytime train tickets are refundable
  • Anytime train tickets cost more than other types of train tickets

    Click Here for more detailed information on Anytime Train Tickets.

Mainline Stations in London

Network Rail London Railway Stations
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London Railway Stations


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