RUSSIA PASSENGER TRAINS - Russian Train Ticket Prices, Timetables and Reservations

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Russian Passenger Trains

Russian Passenger Trains Ticket Prices, Timetables and Reservations

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The Russian rail system is one of the largest in the world, and trains serve almost every town and city in Russia. Train travel is a safe, comfortable and inexpensive way to get around.

There is no need to worry unduly about security on Russian trains, even for families or women travelling alone. How do you think Russian families or solo women travel? By train, of course, like everyone else! Just use common sense as you would in a hotel, locking your door at night and not leaving valuables unattended in your compartment. In addition to the normal lock on the compartment door, 'Spalny Wagon' and 'kupé' compartments have a security latch which stops the door opening more than an inch or two, and which cannot be released from outside..

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Russia Passenger Train Tickets

Rail Saver
, in conjunction with Real Russia, can book you single, return or multi-leg journeys within Russia as well as classic journeys such as the Trans-Siberian journeys involving European countries that border or have direct rail links with Russia such as China, Finland, Poland, Mongolia, Estonia and the Ukraine.

Real Russia obtain your Russian rail tickets and have these delivered to the UK, within Russia, anywhere in the world or as an e-ticket.

Real Russia is an officially accredited and bonded UK based Russian specialist travel and consular agency supporting tourists and business travellers alike. Passengers enjoy a dedicated 24 hour telephone support service, secure online payment systems. Pasengers using the Real Russia visa service also enjoy a 100% money back guarantee on all their consular services.

Passengers wishing to book a rail holiday on the Trans Siberian Express should please click here.




For many Russians, train is the only practical and cost effective method of travelling within a country that spans eleven time zones and two continents, for foreign travellers it is a unique way to view the grandeur of Russia and experience real Russia and its people first hand.

Rail Saver, in conjunction with Real Russia, can help with single, return or multi-leg journeys within Russia as well as classic journeys such as the Trans-Siberian and journeys involving European countries that border or have direct rail links with Russia such as Finland, Poland or the Ukraine.

Rail Saver can get tickets for any train journey where the origin or destination is Russia, and also to, from and within many countries that border Russia including countries such as the Baltics and Finland in the west, Kazakhstan and Mongolia in the east and Georgia and Turkey in the South. To start planning your journey fill in the search form above, check the train schedules or for Trans-Siberian journeys and rail holidays click here.

Ticket Classes on Russian Trains

Generally there are three different ticket classes for overnight or long distance trains, these are:

  • First class, a private cabin with two separate beds, a small table and a luggage storage area.
  • Second class, a four berth private cabin with two sets of bunk beds, a small table and a luggage storage area.
  • Third class, an open carriage with up to 50 "shelves" for sleeping.

You may also on certain trains opt for "with services" - this means that you will have bedding prepared for you and on some trains you will receive a meal in your cabin and on some routes free alcoholic and soft drinks.

In some cases, women travelling alone prefer to be in the third class rather than in a private compartment with strangers.

How To Book Russian Train Tickets

Getting your train tickets with Rail Saver through Real Russia is a simple seven step process:

  1. Select the type of journey from one the options in the search form above
  2. Enter the details about your trip
  3. Our system will then search the live Russian Railways database and present the results to you with available trains, tickets and current prices
  4. Select the trains and ticket types you want from the results of available trains
  5. Enter the passenger and delivery details
  6. You may then securely pay using a range of options including online, by phone, fax, bank transfer and cheque
  7. We will then book your tickets and arrange for the delivery. It's that simple!

All services must be fully prepaid before we book your tickets and are subject to the Real Russia standard booking terms and conditions.

As Russian train ticket prices change through the year, and in some cases foreigners are charged a different rate, Real Russia also update their database with this information when people request these routes to show you the range that you can expect to pay.

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